The biggest casino winners in history: where are they now?


Big win casinoWe’re constantly hearing about the biggest winning in the land-based casinos and online casinos as well. Moreover, we are familiar with the ways they do spend their winnings. Some invest the crazy amount of money into their new beginnings, some invest them into the business or buying stuff they don’t need. Most of the news, radio shows, TV shows are full of the news about the new lottery winners or “jackpot conquerors”. The year after most of the shows are going to visit them one more time and tell about their lifestyle that has changed during this one year after the winning.

The interest to these persons is literally crazy because people want to know how they spend their money, where do they invest, what stuff, clothes, houses, and card do they buy? Casino winners can be fully compared to the lottery winners. However, let’s review and remind ourselves about the biggest gambling wins in the industry.

  • Cynthia Jay Brehan, 35 million

Cynthia Jay BrehanBack in the 2000s when Cynthia Jay Brehan has become one of the richest people in Las Vegas and most of the other global cities as well, she has been working as a waitress in some bar. However, she won one of the biggest jackpots in history. 

That night she was playing a Megabucks slot machine that completely changed her life. She has married her boyfriend after the nine weeks after the jackpot winnings, was enjoying life, and making huge plans on how to spend their money.

Unfortunately, nine weeks after she received her winnings, she was driving her brand new Chevrolet Camaro car when the other driver lost control over his car and got them into a car accident. The sister of Cynthia Lela has passed away immediately and Cynthia got a spine injury. Cynthia is paralyzed and uses a wheelchair. She needs instant assistance in her simple everyday tasks like brushing her teeth, etc.

  • Ashley Revell, 200,000 USD

Ashley was hanging out with her friend when someone just said how great it would be to have some spin. Ashley had her first spin and won! What luck it must be!

He decided to invest his money and make one bet as well. So he just headed to the nearest casino to make his bets. This casino was the Plaza Hotel and Casino. The management of the company negotiated with the Sky Network to make a live streaming session of Ashley making his bet.

The moment of truth…Ashley Revell making his bet in front of cameras by placing an 80,000 bet and…he increasing his winning almost twice! He has made a trip around Europe to celebrate his winning. By the way, he has met his future wife in Holland during his trip on the motorcycle. 

Ashley is still a simple guy that loves to drink beer at his favorite pub, without spending and wasting enormous sums of money. 

  • Elmer Sherwin, 22 million

elmer 200 00Elmer is known as one of the luckiest guys in the world. He was a winner of the Megabuck gaming machine back in 1989 when he won almost 5 million. However, in September of 2005, he received a winning of his lifetime. He donated the biggest part of the money to the Katrina Hurricane fund.

To sum up, we must say that after receiving their winnings, most of our review characters have told in the interview, that previously before their gaming session or visiting the Casino Hall, they have had a gut feeling telling them to use certain slot machine or play a certain game. It is an important reminder to trust yourself for those who want to try their luck.

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