Do online casinos cheat? Honesty of winnings


Most ordinary people, and just people who have not yet played in a real online casino, as a rule, tend to believe that gambling is just a type of deception, fraud, with the help of which fools and simpletons are robbed or put on a game, after which man himself gives everything that he has. Such a criminal view of gambling does not correspond to reality, especially in the world of modern online business, which has long been under the control of not only state bodies, but also large international associations that strictly monitor both the “behavior” of the casino and its reputation and protect consumer rights in online gambling clubs.

What should be an honest online casino

Before looking for where to play, it’s important to understand are online casinos are rigged. Here are the main criteria that are important to the player:

  • The casino offers many games
  • These games can be won
  • Games have a high impact
  • Money is entered and withdrawn in different ways
  • Withdrawal of winnings takes a short time
  • The player regularly receives bonuses and interesting offers

You’ve probably heard and even encountered scammers who promise a lot, and as a result, deceive the player. This is possible only if the site is not controlled by anyone, that is, it does not have a license.

What to do if you understand that is PokerStars rigged

If the site does not have a license, then it operates according to its own rules. In case of problems, you cannot contact the regulator that issued the license and is responsible for this resource.

When unlicensed games are found on the site, it means that you will very quickly lose your bankroll, since you will rarely win.

If the site has few games and no new products, it means that the management company does not invest in its development or even plans to close it.

When there are few payment systems on the site, this indicates that the site has not reached an agreement with popular financial structures. This indicates a low level of service.

If there is no online chat, the support questions are not answered, or the answer is very slow, then problems will also be solved: slowly or not at all.

Fair casinos are licensed casinos

A license is not just a number on a gambling site. Behind every license is a regulator – the company that issued it. And before issuing it, I checked the site and the company that manages it for dozens or even dozens of signs for several months. At the same time, the documents of the founders, business plan, financial aspects, site functionality, encryption methods, and much more are under control.

Even to get access to the audit by a serious regulator, you need to have an impeccable business reputation and tens of thousands of dollars to pay for the procedure. Only serious companies that intend to develop their online casino for a long time get a license.

An honest online casino must indicate the license data on every page of its website, as well as in a special section dedicated to the license.

The fairest casino offers the best games

There are hundreds of thousands of slot machines on the Internet, and the number of developers is growing every year. But among the many developers, there are brands with an impeccable reputation, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, or Play’s GO, developing their games under a special developer license. If the site has slots from these companies, this in itself is a sign of quality.

A fraudulent site will not be able to put them on its site, since a serious developer simply will not sell their product to them. All developers require a license and permits from honest online casinos, and only if everything is in order with them, start cooperation.

Of course, the popular games NetEnt, Microgaming and Play’n GO are faked because they attract players. But the reliability of the game is easy to check by finding out the control server in a couple of clicks. Its name must match the name of the control server of the specified developer.

A large assortment of games and new items is a sign of an honest site

The most honest online casino aims to satisfy the tastes of a wide variety of players: men and women, visitors of different ages. For this, the site directory is constantly updated. Hundreds and even thousands of different types of games are the norms.

Ideally, the site has the following categories of games:

  • Slot machines
  • Slots with progressive jackpots
  • Table games: roulette and cards
  • Video poker
  • Live Dealer Games
  • Sports betting

By the way, games with a live dealer are another quality indicator and shows are online casinos rigged or no.. At the moment, they are offered only by serious operators, since the organization of the gameplay is very complicated and time-consuming.

To make sure that the site is developing, just look for the latest games from the announced developers. Ideally, there should be new items released within 1-2 months.

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