​How to predict the winning in slots?


winning in slotsThe entire game in slots is based on a randomly generated number generator. But this does not mean at all that it is impossible to make a prediction of the likely occurrence of a certain winning combination. True, it is quite difficult to make a prediction, but the developers give punters such a chance in the form of percentage return on slots (RTP).

What is RTP

This is the coefficient of the percentage return of the pokie machine. Using RTP, an experienced punter will be able to understand in what size and how often the pokie can issue prize combinations.

We also advise to watch the video on YouTube, which presents the slots with the highest RTP.


The range of developers can be roughly divided into two types:

Slots with a low recoil rate. They have an average percentage of return in the range of 92-94%. The slot machine gives out frequent identical symbols, but with a minimal win. Slots company Microgaming have indicators in this range. 

Machines with a high percentage of return. If the pokie return rate is higher than 96%, you can hope for solid wins. But to receive them, the punter needs a decent deposit and patience. To give out the winning prize, you need to do a lot of spins.

How winnings are calculated

In modern slots, there is a separate set of various bonus pictures and symbols, which are generated by a generator of randomly drawn numbers. In addition, there is a special Wild symbol that can replace any missing image for a winning combination.

Scatter symbols are also provided, which, when dropped, trigger bonus spins or are paid. For example, when three or more Scatters appear on the screen, free spins are activated.

In some slots, Wilds can appear on several reels at once, which guarantees the payment of a winning combination using a multiplier. The same situation can arise with Scatter symbols, which not only activate free spins, but also pay for an inactive line if they fall on it. In the best real money casinos in Canada presents only the best slots with the most lucrative bonus options. 

You can study the purpose of symbols and images in a special table of winning payouts.

Formulas for calculating winnings

The amount of winnings in slots is calculated according to a single formula – the bet made by the punter is multiplied by the coefficient brought by the drawn combination of symbols or pictures. The data of all coefficients can be found in the slot table.

The above calculation formula can only be relevant if the winning combinations that have fallen out consist entirely of basic pictures or symbols. If Wild falls into the prize chain, a multiplier with a prize coefficient x2 may be added to the usual calculation scheme. That is, the punter is paid a double win. In case of a simultaneous appearance of a Scatter symbol with a winning combination, the money prize can be paid out with a coefficient of x3.

In addition, do not forget that the secret of permanent winnings also depends on the use of mini-management and certain strategies. You can work them off in idebit online casinos. It is worth using no deposit bonuses and testing machines in demo mode, thanks to which you can determine the optimal deposit for yourself and choose the size of your bets correctly.

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